Converse: A Part of the Essentials

Whether you’re walking through the mall, waiting in line at Starbucks or strutting down the fashion conscious streets of Vancouver, London or New York, you’ll see these gems gracing the spotlight on the soles of many. Over the years Converse has become a staple piece in every fashionista’s wardrobe and it’s a style that is here to stay. With a canvas body offered in a wide variety of colours and patterns along with different models and style of shoe, these All Stars appeal to anyone’s personal style. Need more convincing? Countless celebs have been spotted with a spunky pair of Chucks on their feet such as Rihanna, Blake Lively, Ashley Tisdale, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Aniston, just to name a few. Although they started out as a basketball shoe, over the years they have both reinvented the sport and the shoe game. Capturing the picture of effortless cool, they can be incorporated into a variety of looks ranging from casual cute to fun and flirty to upscale chic, just swap a pair of skinnies for a floral dress or blazer and the transformation is on it’s way.

Here are a few ideas from some notorious fashion divas to guide your way;

Whitney Port: Festival chic.
The hills fashionista, Whitney Port, embraces the summer weather as she pairs black leather high top converse with colour-popping printed shorts, a flowy top and some accessories. To complete her look, add a long beaded necklace with an overlapping chain.

Ashley Tisdale: Rocker Punk
This diva’s outfit screams Rock n’ Roll from head to toe, with distressed dark-washed denim, a leather vest and black converse high-tops. This look is perfect for AC/DC and Led Zeppelin enthusiasts and is trendy for the wet and wintery seasons.

Sweet Sophistication:
The third and final look is the epitome of class with a mixture of summer vibes. The neon shorts keep this outfit young and refreshing while the white button up adds a touch of sophistication. You can’t go wrong pairing this outfit with your favourite pair of comfy Chucks, and throwing on a fedora puts a cherry on top of an already yummy cake

Whitney Port in Black high tops

Whitney Port in Black high tops

Ashley Tisdale in classic high tops

Ashley Tisdale in classic high tops

Classic Chucks

Classic Chucks

Buying Converse Online

Online shopping has become the latest trend these days and shopping for shoes certainly is not an exception when we talk of it. Some people love buying everything online these days, whereas there are many who want to shop online but hesitate as they find themselves not comfortable with how to go with the online purchases.

If you in awe of Converse shoes and want to buy them online, here are some of the tips which can help you in better buying:

Check shoe size – Buying Converse shoe online is not a big deal provided you are confident with your shoe size. Many online shoppers make the mistake of ordering a wrong pair. This spoils the shopping experience and if the website does not undertake replacement.

Customer reviews – Online shopping is helpful indeed as one can easily get reviews from different customers. If you are shopping online first time or for a product which you are not very familiar with, it is suggested to read customer’s reviews about the same. Converse shoe range is unlimited and the shopper may feel confused at times while buying; customer reviews help here and make shopping enjoyable.

Check for discounts – If you are too much busy with your job, you might not be able to match your pace with discounts being offered. For shopping Converse shoes online, you can keep a check on discounts while sitting at your home or office. Online retailers usually provide a good discount and one can avail benefits from it. One must however, exercise caution of not to buying from the sites which offer excessive discounts. The products sold in such websites can be unauthentic.

Return policy – It is also suggested to check the return policy of the website through which you intend to make a purchase prior to buying. Converse shoes are available on various sites, however, the return policy of each site varied from one another. Some accept replacement and money back while many other do not. It is always wise to check out such details before spending.

Take help – If you are willing to buy Converse shoes online but are not sure about the process, then, you may take help from customer care. The customer support of retail websites helps users in understanding the process and also upgrades them on the policies.

Buying online is fun and it is a delight to see your new pair of Converse shoes coming at your doorstep. One just needs to be a little attentive while buying things online.

Converse Shoes for Kids

Converse is known as world’s most trendy sneakers that pave way to almost every wardrobe in the US. These shoes are the darling of men, women and even kids. One can find a lot of posts which speak volumes about Converse being one of the favorite women’s brands. Besides, a lot has been said about the relationship of men and Converse too from last many years.

But, did we know that these Chuck Taylor shoes are a buzz among the little ones too and they just love to sport these colorful shoes. If you have not bought a pair of Converse shoes for your child yet, here are some amazing options that would fancy both you and your little one:

Converse Trainer in Electric Yellow – Yellows and green steal every youngster’s heart and kids cannot be left behind. These cool looking stylish shoes are meant for every fashion forward child. Priced within $30, these shoes have comfortable rubber soles and canvas body. Meant for easy wearing and comfort, these shoes are a must have addition to any girl or boys wardrobe.

Converse Baby High Top Trainer in Cherry Tomato – Cherry tomato is the color which adds to energy and makes us groove. Converse offers this bright and amazing color in high top shoes which make look kids confident and fashionable too. Made with durable canvas and flexible sole, these shoes can be matched with different dresses.

Converse Baby Trainer in Blue Ashes – Priced at $31, these shoes guarantee style and durability. The upper sides of shoe with thick rubber soles make it look comfortable and durable and the bright blue shade makes it a perfect must have for your little trainer’s feet.

Converse baby Velcro trainer in yellow and grey – If you are looking for something unique and colorful for your little one, then Converse baby Velcro trainer in grey and yellow is something not to be missed. This comfortable and durable Converse pair comes with a cool grey shade with yellow body and Velcro straps in pink.

Converse Double Tongue Trainer in Dark Green – Here comes something which will make your little one just stand out of crowd! Converse double tongue trainer, as the name suggests, is a double tongue shoes with classic Converse design. The shoe looks bright with green canvas upper and a dark green tongue. The coolness quotient increases with dark green rivets. For a sunny chirpy child, this shoe is just too perfect!


Not Known Facts about Converse

It has been more than 100 years that Converse shoes have been ruling the hearts of shoe lovers. A known name with celebrities, Converse is one among the favorite choices of youth and teenage. Converse brand is in fact one of the oldest yet most sought after and one among the best sellers. With so much of popularity, it would not be astonishing to say that Converse shoes are loved by Americans and over 50% of American population owns at least one pair of these shoes.

With so much of fame and popularity associated to brand, many people think that they know all about Converse. However, there are some not known facts about these Chuck Taylor shoes too. If you are in love with Converse brand, I am sure you would be glad to know these facts too:

Chuck Taylor did not receive any royalty payment for his name on Converse shoes-

Approximately 600 million Chuck Taylor sneakers have been sold; however, the sports man did not receive any payment or royalty from Converse shoe brand. Chuck Taylor is known to be the most successful salesman of Converse shoes. With his references and acquaintances, Converse shoes became popular in the world; yet Chuck Taylor did not get a dime.

Range of colors – You would have known Converse shoes offering a plethora of colors and styles. However, did you know that until 1960s the basic colors offered by company were limited to Red, White, Black, Nay and Natural? It was in mid 1960s that Converse had pressure from of NBA being their official shoes for many decades, that the company introduced new color schemes.

Nike owns Chuck Taylor – Although Converse shoes are liked by millions across the world, not many know that Converse is owned by Nike. With Nike signing Jordan in 1984, the entire shoe market changed drastically and it became hard for Converse to survive by being a basketball shoe company. It was in year 2001 that Converse went bankrupt and Nike purchased it in year 2003. Besides Converse, Nike is also owns many different brands.

Converse has been through various ups and downs since its inception, but has continued to rule the hearts of millions till date. What can be more fascinating than to witness the charm of these shoes which have a selling rate of a pair in every 43 seconds globally!


Why Everybody Loves Converse

Converse is a known name to world. It has been over 100 years that Marquis Mills Converse started the company as Converse Rubber Shoe Co. and the brand, since then has been successful in ruling hearts of many.

In 1920s, Converse launched Chuck Taylor series and the move brought immense popularity to the company. Converse shoes are commonly known as Chuck Taylors and are favorite among players, celebrities, fashionistas, adults, kids and youth.

Converse shoes have ruled the market for so many years and one often tends to ask, “why everybody loves Converse?” or may be, “what makes Converse so popular?”

Rubber Sole - A market survey reveals that people who are loyal to the brand since years are inclined towards its rubber sole. The comfortable rubber sole of Converse shoes makes the apart. One can wear these shoes with ease anywhere and anytime.

Flexible Canvas – The canvas of Converse shoes is porous and flexible which allows the skin to breathe well and gives the flexibility of movement to feet. One feels light at feet after wearing Converse shoes and this feeling makes these shoes likeable.

Affordable pricing – While the shoe market has many brands to offer, Converse shoes still remain favorite is due to the reason that these shoes are affordable. The cost of Converse shoes is less than shoes of many different brands and moreover, Converse shoes can be worn easily for a longer period.

Style – When it comes to style, Converse shoes have been leading in the race. For years, these shoes have been known as synonym to style. The Chuck Taylor craze, although began in 1920s, is still ruling and have made most of the youth obsesses with various styles and design offered by Chuck Taylor shoes. All Star range offers people more than 200 colors and styles. One can easily choose from many ranging from checkers to stripes to plaid and duo tones.

Fashionable – Converse shoes are darling of many as these shoes do not come under the category of being boring. These cool looking smart sneakers are available in plethora of designs, color and style and one can wear them with number of dresses and look fashionable. The youth today wants to look cool and stylish and Converse shoes help them to be that. Be it jeans, shorts, long dresses, bermudas or even frocks; Converse is a name meant for all.


Why Women Love Converse

Women are fond of vibrant and colorful stuff and Converse is a known name on their shopping list. Converse rubber shoes have been ruling the shoe market now for more than 100 years. Originated in 1908, this shoe company was found by Marquis Mill Converse. The shoes evolved as rubber shoes which provided comfort to feet. It was in 1920s that Chuck Taylor, iconic basketball player joined Converse and since then the shoes have become a rage.

Converse shoes have made their name as being functional, stylish and comfortable and have been darling of many women across the globe. Here are some of the reasons why these shoes have ruled the heart of women since years:

Comfortable – Women love shopping and Converse shoe help them in doing that. Women can wear Converse shoes for whole day and can shop without limit if their pockets allow. These shoes are made from flexible canvas and light weight sole which makes it easy for women’s tender feet. These shoes do not give any sores and can be worn easily throughout the day. Working women, college going girls, and stay at home mom; all can wear Converse shoes with confidence and comfort all the time.

Stylish – Every women loves being stylish and with a pair of Converse shoes, they can easily become one. Converse shoes are available online and in stores and offer wide range of style and designs. From hi top to low tops, these shoes look absolutely trendy and stylish. Women find these shoes stylish as they can be paired easily with different types of dresses on different occasions.

Colorful – It is said, “One can know a woman through the color she wears”. Converse shoes are available in more than 200 colors which help the women to flaunt the best of their personalities and look stylish and great as well. From shades of red to neon colors, Converse offers a vivid range of colors which can any woman fall in love with them.

Customizable – Women never settle for common things. Every woman desires for things that are unique and made just for her. Converse shoes make feel women special by being customizable. One can therefore customize these shoes with their unique style and choice and look the best.

Support a cause – Women are known to be sensitive and love joining in for a cause. Converse shoes also support many noble causes. For e.g. the brand supported the cause of fighting against HIV/AIDS in 2006 by joining in with RED.

Tying double layered Converse shoes

Converse is a worldwide known brand and is popular among shoe buyers as a name for comfort and style. Converse originated in 1908 and started with basketball shoes which were eventually named after famous basketball player, Chuck Taylor. Since 1920, Converse shoes are also known as Chuck Taylor shoes.

There have been many new additions to Converse line of products since its inception, however, the double layer or double tongued shoes have always been in vogue. These shoes are known for their extra comfort, firm grip and convincing style. These shoes have two tongues and double eyelet set which help in firm lacing.

One can lace these shoes in very different ways which include straight lacing, over lacing, ladder lacing, loop back lacing and under lacing.

Over lacing is one of the simplest ways to tie double layered Converse shoes. People who buy double layered Converse shoes learn over lacing as the first technique of tying these shoes. Over lacing is done by starting the lace over bottom eyelets and criss crossing while going further up.

Straight Lacing – Straight lacing is yet another popular way of tying double layered Converse. Straight lacing is a European way of lacing and is often seen in advertisements.

Loopback lacing – Loop back lacing is one of the favorite ways of lacing among youth. This style of lacing is a creative way and helps in having a better grip. Loop back lacing is done by lacing from under eyelets to make a criss cross. The laces are twisted and an interesting pattern is made.

One can try different types of lacing by using different types of laces. To ties your shoes in loop back lacing, one would need semi flat or round shaped laces. Extra wide flat laces are mostly used for straight lacing and over lacing.

While tying double layered Converse shoes, one must ensure that there is proper traction at both the tongues. This would ensure firm grip and will result in comfortable walking. Also, one must see that the inner tongue is straight below the upper part. There are many double layer Converse shoes that come with long under tongue. One can use extra laces to tie this extra tongue.

Colorful Converse for Women

Converse shoes are available in wide range of colors and designs. These shoes are highly popular with young and middle aged people. Many women are also loyal to this brand and love to buy colorful purchases every time. If you are also looking forward to buying colorful Converse shoes, here are some of the color options that you can try:

White Converse - These sneakers are a classic choice which can be worn as a part of your everyday casual outfits. There are many white varieties of Converse available such as – All Star Core Hi optical white; All Star White leather and Low top white wash are some of the popular options in white Converse shoe pairs. White converse shoes look trendy and stylish, however, the only difficulty with these shoes is that they get stained easily and need regular cleaning. One can use soap water and brush to keep them shining. Drying Converse white shoes under sun should be avoided as it will make them look faded.

Black Converse – People usually go for black Converse shoes as they not only can be matched easily with different colors, but also because they are easy to maintain. There are many options available for women in black color as Hi Tops, Low tops, leather and canvas. If you want to look cool and chic in Converse black pair then team them up with a colorful tank top and black jeans.

Grey – Grey is one of the basic colors when it comes to shoe buying. People, who want comfortable shoes for office and regular chores, prefer buying this color. Grey Converse shoes make one look stylish and cool if worn with skin fitting jeans and loose tops. One can buy either a grey colored leather or canvas pair as per his preference.

Red Converse – If you have a colorful and hi energy personality then a red pair of Converse shoe will help you to project the same to world. There are many different shades of red available in Converse shoes and one can select as per her choice. Red hi tops and red low tops, both look stylish and can be put on gracefully with many dresses.

Other Colors – If you love to indulge in shopping for shoes, then Converse offers you a plethora of colors to choose from. There are unlimited shades ranging from basic blacks and whites to maroon, yellow, burgundy, purple and so many more. Just visit a store and pick a shoe of your choice.


Give an Old Feeling to Your Converse

Faded an old jeans has always been in vogue. But do you know that wearing old Converse is also a new fashion trend these days and has gained popularity among youth all over the world?

If you are a Converse shoe loyal, you can buy them any time either by visiting a store or through online shopping. However, if you want to make your new Converse or regular Converse shoe look old and faded, you will have to follow the ways given below:

To make your new Converse look faded and old, it is suggested not to experiment with them just on the day of purchase. If you want better results then you should wear them for atleast 4- 5 times. This will help shoes in getting shaped as per your feet and in fact you would also feel comfortable after wearing them for few times.

Once you have worn your shoes for 4-5times, it is recommended to clean them. Make use of a toothbrush and rub it on your Converse shoes without over using any soap or detergent. Remember that this cleanup is not being done to remove any dirt patches but to make them spread evenly. Once done, dry your Converse pair in washing machine. Place shoes under the sun. This procedure will provide a fading effect to your Converse shoes.

For people who want to go beyond, and want to give a vintage look to their Converse shoes, it is suggested to make use of sand paper. Take sand paper and rub it on toe fronts. Avoid rubbing too hard or for long time as it may make the shoe skin go weak.

Besides these, one can also make use of oil or any other greasy lotion to give Converse shoes a worn look. However, care should be taken while making use of oil or greasy stuff, as these liquids have tendency to leave a spot. It is important to rub the oil so that the entire shoe surface has a similar appeal.

One can also use black pen or dark colored sketch pens to make marks at the edges. Rubbing these marks with a damp cloth can make Converse shoe pair look old and faded.

Old and faded look of Converse may be a fashion trend these days; however, one must be aware that such look shoes cannot be worn with all types of dresses. These worn out shoes gel with casual tees and faded jeans. Old worn out shoes are a strict no with formal clothes. Since the look of being old, restricts its usage, one must think twice before experimenting with his/her Converse shoes.

Cool Converse Sneakers

Converse sneakers have been a rage since the time of company’s inception in 1908. These shoes are commonly known as Chucks after a famous basketball player, Chuck Taylor. Chuck Taylor improvised the design of Converse shoes and since then these shoes are popularly known as Chucks or Chuck Taylor shoes.

Converse offers a diverse range of sneakers which are known for their comfort, simplicity, customization and affordability. If your wardrobe is still missing a Converse sneaker, then here are some of them you can surely buy this season:

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers – These shoes are known today for their classic style and are credited to bring revolution in basketball game. The design of these shoes has not changed since the time Taylor wore them. Popular among players and the youth, these sneakers have a durable sole made of rubber along with cotton inner lining, and cotton upper with Chuck Taylor logo.

Converse Chuck Taylor Washed Canvas -  If you want your shoes to give that old and worn look, then Converse Chuck Taylor washed canvas shoe is the best option for you. Slightly faded in look, this high top athletic shoe has a white front lacing area with padded insole, rubber outsole and Converse logo on the side.

Converse Unisex Low-Top Shoes –If you are willing to buy a pair of Converse unisex shoes, then this one is definitely not to be missed. Available in wide range of colors, these shoes have a classic design with canvas upper and sole made of rubber. Converse unisex low top shoes are flexible and provide comfortable wearing.

Converse Chuck Taylor Foldover High Top sneakers – If you are willing to buy something cool and stylish, then Converse Chuck Taylor Foldover high top sneakers are the ones to go for. These sneakers have foldover cuffs which make them extra stylish. Made using cotton canvas with contrasting fold down design sole made of rubber these shoes stand out among all other chuck shoes.

Converse CT AS Slip-on Oxford - Converse CT AS slip on Oxford is surely a brilliant choice for people who want an easy pair of Chuck sneaker. These cool sneakers from Converse do not require any lacing as they can be just slipped on. Available in huge color options, these sneakers can be matched easily with different dresses too. These cool sneakers are not highly priced too.

Know All About Converse Shoes

Converse shoes have been ruling the shoe market since more than 100 years. A favorite name for teenagers and youth, Converse is a brand associated with celebrities too. The brand is perhaps one of the oldest, most sought after and is best-selling. Did you know that more than 50% of American population owns at least one pair of Chuck Taylor shoes?

History of Converse

Marquis Mills Converse founded Converse Shoe Rubber Company in February 1908 in Malden Massachusetts. Initially, the company as the name suggests took off as a rubber shoe company for men, women and kids. It was thirteen years later that Converse started with production of athletic shoes for tennis. In year 1917, the company started the production of shoes for basketball sports trainers.

Converse Logo

Converse shoes exhibit a logo which is Star Insignia. It is a 5 pointed star which is placed on the ankle of the footwear towards the outer part. The star is known as Pentagram and shows connection with elements of Earth.

Converse Market

Converse is a known brand for its athletic footwear and apparels for sports oriented lifestyle. Converse products are low priced and are liked by younger generation. The main market of Converse includes people from age group 16- 35 years. The brand is popular with men, women and kids for its huge variety, style, sizes and colors.

Celebrities Endorsing Converse

Converse has made its name among many fashion and sports celebrities and some of the prominent endorsers of Converse are Jessica Alba, Dwyane Wade, Kristen Stewart, Maurice Evans and Willow Smith.

Converse Bankruptcy and Present

Converse faced difficulties in scaling up and became financially unstable in late 1990s due to many other upcoming brands and their designing innovations. The company declared bankruptcy on January 22, 2001 and was also removed from being the official shoe maker of National Basketball Association. Since Converse was a well-built brand and could not be abolished, it was reestablished by new ownership and its manufacturing unit was moved from US to Asia. 

Despite all ups and downs, Converse brand has continued to make its name in the shoe industry and has remained a popular choice of youth all over the world. Converse Chuck Taylor shoes have made their impression in hearts of millions and still continue to do so.

Shine up Your White Converse Shoes

White Converse shoes make a classic choice and have always been in demand. However, there are many who avoid picking the white pair just because they think they would not be able to keep the shoes clean and shiny.

If you are one of those who want to retain the shine and whiteness of your white converse shoes pair, then here is how you can do it.

For cleaning white Converse shoes, you would need the following:

White vinegar

Baking Soda



Mild Detergent

Stain Stick


Here are the steps for making your converse shoes look shiny and bright:

Take your white Converse shoe pair and remove the laces. They can be washed separately.

With the help of plastic bags, stuff your white shoes. This would help the shoes to retain their shape while being cleaned.

Now take the stain stick and rub it over the white canvas and rub it all using a toothbrush. This would help in loosening dirt particles.

In case you do not have stain stick available, then make a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda in a cup and rub it on to the canvas.

Rub the shoes with the help of old tooth brush.

Once scrubbed, take out the plastic bags which were used as a stuffing.

Turn the shoes and rub the soles with the brush.

Now, put the shoes under water.

Make a soap water solution in a bucket and dip your shoes into it.

If you find any spots on the shoes, rub them off with toothbrush.

Once done, rinse shoes with water.

Spray starch on shoes to keep them stiff and new.

Let the shoes dry under the sun.

Once dried, your Converse white pair would look new and shiny again.

Tips for Cleaning White Converse Shoes

One can use a tiny drop of bleach for adding whiteness to shoes. However, if overdone by mistake, the shoe will lose its shine forever.

If you are washing Converse shoes in a washing machine, add some light colored old towels with the shoes to keep the washing volume low.

Do not use washing machine drier for drying shoes. It might turn white shoes look pale and yellow.

A tiny drop of WD-40 can prove to be helpful in getting rid of black spots from your white Converse shoe pair.

What to wear with Converse

Converse shoes have always been in vogue. The shoes have been able to fit into the lifestyle of people from being a kid to working professionals. Besides, through all these years, Converse shoes have been made in variety of colors and patterns. These shoes have varied in appeal and height from being the standard low top in the beginning to high top shoes and now to X Hi shoes. The colors have also changed, the heel tags have also varied, but the basic look of Converse has remained the same and it is counted one among the classic shoe brands of the world.

Available in so many colors and cuts, Converse can actually go with every dress. If you are looking for some dressing ideas that match with your favorite pair of Converse shoes, just keep reading:

If you want to project the femininity in you, wear Converse shoes with a tight tank top and a short skirt or a pair of shorts with or without leggings. This would make you look both bold and beautiful.

If you want to enjoy a small walk to the grocery store or to an ice-cream parlor, just fit into your favorite pair of jeans and wear your Converse shoes.

If you want to sport your favorite red pair of Converse shoes and at the same time wants to look cool and relaxed, opt for wearing baggy jeans with these shoes.

To have a subtle look, wear your shoes with boot cut jeans. This would help showing the shoe front.

For dressing up for a party, wear high top Converse shoes with a knee length pair of tights or look beautiful in a denim dress.

If you want to look playful and want to have fun on the streets, put on the jumper and match it with your colored Converse shoe pair.

For office wearing, pair your converse shoes with khaki trousers and a formal shirt.

Tips to look stylish in Converse shoes

If Converse shoes have made a permanent place in your wardrobe and you love to wear them all seven days of week, then you must also follow these tips to look more stylish and confident while wearing them:

Keep your shoes clean. May be you dress the best way and your matching skills are just perfect. You would always earn an extra point by keeping your shoes bright and clean.

Lace it up in style – If you feel to be at loss of dressing ideas at times, and then just try your hands on lacing your Converse shoes with style.

Be color coordinated- It is fun showing off your latest buys but before you do that make sure that your pair of colored Converse shoes goes well with your outfit.

Wildest Colors in Your Converse

If you are a rainbow person then Converse is surely not going to disappoint you. Available in wide and wild range of colors, these comfortable sneakers are just going to make you do oh laalaa!

Converse is a name for comfort and when combined with intense and vibrant colors such as red, orange, green, yellow and purple, these shoes can make you a fashionista.

The sneakers also give a chance to men and kids to upgrade their wardrobe with some cool and lovely color shades.

A pair of Converse sneaker can give that extra touch to your summer and spring outfits. Here are some of the wildest colors that you could have ever imagined, now on your favorite Converse shoes.

Red- When we say Red for converse, it is just not RED as it is  raspberry, maroon, carmine rose, cinnabar, jester red and so many more. With an endless range of shades, your colorful pair of Converse can be worn at school, on a picnic, for a stroll to ice cream parlor and at work too.

Blue – What is your choice when it comes to blue? Is it royal, strong, dazzling, light or something else? Converse offers a variety of shaded in blue. Wearing a cool pair in blue would definitely let you feel the blues anytime.

Yellow – Yellow top is thinkable, but not yellow shoes. Well, Converse does not disappoint anybody, and for people who take pride in wearing this bright color, Converse has a variety of range and shades to choose from. So, all those yellow color lovers out there just put your best foot forward and flaunt your dazzling yellow converse.

Green – Green is the color of all seasons. And if you want to celebrate your liking for this environment friendly color, then pick a pair of green Converse from a nearby store. The shades here again are numerous ranging from classic green to warm olives to sage to kombu green and dark green.

Pink – If you are still a child at heart and love to highlight your innocence through your dressing, then Pink is surely a perfect choice for you. Add a touch of fun and liveliness with your Converse sneakers.

Black, brown and white- These colors have made it to the wardrobes year back and still rule. If you want to strike that perfect balance in your dressing, then these colors are apt for you.

Decorate Your Converse Shoes For New Look

Converse sneakers have been in the markets from more than last hundred years. The craze of these comfy and flexible sneakers have not gone down in all these years and people still wish to buy them more and more. However, buying a pair of Converse sneakers can at times be a pinch to the pocket. If you are one of those who have pairs of Converse stacked in your wardrobe but cannot resist from buying more, here is a simple way to flaunt your old sneakers in a complete new way and that too without hitting your pocket hard.

Decorating your old pair of Converse sneakers can be a lot of fun and it can help you to customize your shoes as per your likes. These canvas shoes actually give you the freedom to be worked on as a plain canvas where you can exhibit your creativity in your style.

Add Glitter and Shine - Converse shoes can be easily decorates by using gems and studs. One can either use a craft knife or make use of needle nose pliers to fix them up. If you think you miss out on patience at times, adding glitter to your favorite Converse with a sparkler is yet another interesting way to add life to your old pair of sneakers. However, just remember to do all this beautification only after cleaning your shoes. Remove all the stains nicely and then proceed with the shining work.

Paint them up – If your shoe buying budget is little tight this month but you want to have a cool colored snicker for your next sports date, then no need to lose hope. You can buy a white pair of sneaker and add the colors of your choice. This would help you to get authentic sneakers in your budget and will also make you color coordinate with your dress. Color your shoes using an acrylic craft paint and give them an absolute new look. Avoid using a washable paint as your creation would wash away once you step into any puddle by mistake.

Design – If you think you are born for designing, then why not try your hand on Converse sneakers. Grab a copy of the design which you want to see on your shoes and get started. If you think you are not that great, experiment with designing by making polka dots, geometric shapes or go for an abstract.

Stylish Laces - For all those people who are either too lazy to decorate or do not want to go wrong with their favorite pair of Converse shoes; using stylish laces is the best ways to add on to the look of old pair of shoes. Different types of shoelaces are available in markets these days and one can choose from round, flat, wide and curly ones. If you are not getting the laces you are looking for, dye an old pair with your favorite color.

Converse: The best gift for your dad

Some Dads dress very well: they always seek to follow the latest fashion trends, combining the colors and thinking their outfits carefully. Maybe they are graphic designers, filmmakers and photographers, and distinguish among different palettes. Unfortunately, not all are like that. Does your father still dress like in the nineties, using the same old celestial straight cut jeans? Does he always use the same old fashioned shirts, and above all, those horrible sneakers thatyou wish to see set on fire in a dumpster? Is your father defined as a "classic type", but do you feel that you need anurgent renovation in your look?

Your father is in need of a good pair of Converse’s: a pair of shoes that are a classic in fashion, which are young, modern and true icons. A pair of new shoes is enough to give your look a positive spin that will surprise you.

Converse shoes are the typical that go with everything: to go for a leisurely stroll, together with friends or family, these shoes are always comfortable, resistant and go with everything. If it’s your father’s birthday and you want to get him something original, or you simply want to help him upgrade his everyday attire, a pair of Converse sneakers is ideal for any makeover. You don’t need to go for the boldest models: there are classic lines that can fit the taste and wardrobe of anyone, including the parents of those who cling to their old sweaters that seem to have come out of the wardrobe of the series "Married with children".

Converse Chuck Taylor Leather Motorcycle: For the most daring parents, these leather shoes have a wild vintage twist that is reminiscent of James Dean and the 50s. For those nostalgic who dare to make big changes, these shoes are ideal.

Converse Jack Purcell:  the Jack Purcell line is known for its sporty retro style of the 70s. These are elegant and special; they have the classic styleof all Converse, but with a distinctive style.

Converse White: For those who don’t like big changes and prefer the classic and well known, these Converses are all that your father needs to renew their wardrobe, without any abrupt changes. They are a great gift, original, comfortable and combine with absolutely everything. Aren’t them the perfect gift?


Converse – Perfect Shoes For Summer

Summers are knocking and it is the time to renew your wardrobe. While most of the female shoppers usually have their concentration on buying shorts and floral skirts, there are many who get worried about their shoes just before the season. Selecting perfect footwear which matches with your summer outfits can be a tough task for many. But if you have your loyalties with Converse, you would definitely know why Converse makes the perfect shoes for summers.

Vibrant And Stylish– Colors add a zing to summers season and fashionable people just not pick up colorful and vibrant shades only for their outfits, but also for their footwear. Converse offers a wide range of colorful shoes with different patterns. Floral patterns, geometric designs and endless choices in color make Converse the perfect choice for summer.

Promotes Air Circulation– Remember last time you wore a stylish shoe but could not carry it well as the sweat in your feet made it so sticky. Well, if you have experienced it earlier, you would definitely not want to happen it again. Converse shoes promote air circulation and have porous soles which make them perfectly summer friendly.

Wide Range And Color– In winters you can afford to wear a single pair throughout the week. But, this gets tough in summers as one need to wear the shoes matching with the dresses. Converse shoes are solution to this as these shoes are available in wide range of style and colors. Moreover, these shoes are long lasting and thus can be kept for another season.

Summer 2013 All Star Footwear Collection – The reasons for having Converse as perfect summer shoes seem to be endless with the recent launch of summer 2013 All Star Footwear collection. The new collection is all about lovely shades of neons which are best suited for carefree summer. The heavy rubber detailing has been removed and a completely fresh and new Converse All Star Chuckout shoes have introduced to the market. Light on weight and breathable, these shoes are sure to make summer fun and enjoyable. The Chuck Taylor All Star low top shoes are available with a breathable mesh and feature in different colors ranging from black to dusty blue to bleached sand and charcoal gray. Similarly, Chuck Taylor All Star Washed Neon are bound to give the girls a gala time this summer with an amazing range of neon shades.

Pairing Converse Sneakers with Daily Outfit

Are you in love with classic Converse sneakers but at times have to struggle pairing them up with your daily outfits? Converse sneakers are known for comfort, flexibility, life and the wide range of colors and styles. These sneakers are unisexual but you do not have a tom boy in order to carry them well. With wide range of colors and styles, one can sport these shoes like a fashionista too. Here are some easy tips to pair your comfy Converse sneakers with your daily dressing:

Denims – Denis are as comfortable as Converse sneakers and look forever good. If you are fond of wearing denims, then pair your Converse sneakers with skinny jeans. Get into a cool vibrant color tee to add on the zing to your dressing. If you like to wear matching stuff, then try wearing a tee which matches with your Converse sneakers. Besides, denim cut off also pair extremely well with Chuck Taylor. So, next time you are out to shopping, either go bare legged with denims or add on a layer of patterned leggings underneath.

Dresses – who said Converse, do not pair well with dresses? If you are planning to go out on a date with friends and have picked a red short dress, then you can add on to your looks by pairing it with a trendy Converse sneaker. A cardigan or denim jacket would help you to give a casual look. However, if you want to project your trendy and chic look, and then pair your shoes with ankle socks or colorful tights.

Accessorize – If you think that Converse sneakers would not highlight the feminine side of you, then break this myth by topping your outfit with stylish and funky accessories. Charm bracelets, necklaces, belts, earrings and anklets are some cool accessories which can make you look girly and gorgeous in your Converse sneakers.

Play with colors – Sneakers are available in wide range of colors. You can add to this color magic by pairing your sneakers with colorful outfits. A red top with black shorts and red sneakers and silver accessories is promising enough to cast a spell on anybody.

Pairing your Converse sneakers with daily outfits is a creative task. So, just let your creativity shoe in your dressing while you shoe your best look to the world.

How to Keep Your Converse Clean and Shiny

Converse tops your list when it comes to shoes and you already have dozens of them. Well, the range is unlimited and one gets emotional when it comes to buying shoes that he/she ends up picking one most of the times. The love for Converse shoes is acceptable and welcomed as these shoes are comfortable, trendy and long lasting. However, these long lasting shoes many a times do not make that impression as they tend to lose their shine or sparkle with time.

Many Converse shoes lovers wish they could make their favorite pair as new as they bought on the day of shopping. It is exciting when we go for shopping and get to buy the stuff which we have longed for. But not many of us are so careful post shopping and get careless with our prized possession.

If you have always wanted to retain that new and shiny look of your Converse shoes then the first and foremost thing is to keep them safe. Safety never means to the extent that you do not wear the at all, but it refers to keeping a good care of your shoes when you are not wearing them. When not in use, keep your shoes in a wardrobe or rack which is free from dust. When shoes are kept in open they tend to attract dirt and dust and lose their charm. If incase, you do not have any close cupboard, then put your shoes in a bag and keep them safe.

Besides, you should also clean your shoes thoroughly once in a week depending on how much you use them. If you wear your Converse shoes on daily basis then chances are that they might get stains at time. It is suggested to clean your shoes the same day using a wipe cloth. If you just wear them occasionally, then also you must take them out once in week, and dust them off.

If you have a light colored Converse, then it is suggested to give your shoes a proper wash at times to maintain their new look. You can use a towel and soap solution for doing the same. The sides of the shoes can be cleaned with bleach with the help of cotton swab. For improving the look of your old Converse pair, be a little experimental and try playing with different colored shoe laces.


Tie Your Converse Shoes in Cool Way

Converse sneakers are athletic shoes which have been ruling the hearts of shoe lovers since many years. Since 1908, the company has been manufacturing sneakers and time and again many new and innovative products such as Chuck Taylor All Stars have been launched. The high top and low top series of Converse sneakers can be tied with laces in different ways in order to bring out a new look to these sneakers.

Matching your shoes with different colored laces on your sneakers is in vogue now and here are some cool ways to ties your Converse sneakers.

The Display – Display is one of the classic ways in which one can ties his Converse sneakers. The laces are tied by starting from the outside bottom. The lace is put in the eyelets in crisscross way until both the ends come on the top. The ends are then tied and the knot is perfectly displayed.

Hidden Knot – Hidden knot is yet another cool way of tying your Converse laces. The lace is started from the bottom and is inserted into the eyelets outside to inside. On one side, the lace is pulled though from the inside on the eyelet it is crossed across the tongue of the shoe in the adjacent eyelet. The laces here will be on the same side. Now, the process is repeated with the second lace by putting it from the inside and crossing over shoe’s tongue. The process is continued until all eye lets have been fed and the laces appear on the same side. A knot is tied with both laces inside the shoe which is known as hidden knot.

Checkerboard – Checkerboard is one of the coolest ways of tying the Converse shoe laces. Here one would need two different colors of laces to bring out a cool style. The lacing is started with two pairs of different colored laces. It is suggested to have a wide and flat quality lace for this style. The shoes are first laced with first color in a straight easy horizontal way. The other lace is then fed by starting from the bottom of the shoe to the top row of other color lace. The lace is woven around the first one until it shows on the top. The laces are done when a checkerboard is ready. This cool style looks good on wide front sneakers.